... you plan to fail.

Yes, we all know these famous words but what does this mean in today's business world? From an IT perspective, ensuring you have a Disaster Recover Plan and are taking regular backups of your data are essentials.

Costs for backing up data online are continually dropping and the benefits when compared with tradtional tape drives are numerous:
  • No more expensive drive to install (and configure) in your server.
  • No more daily tape backups and remembering to take them home every day
  • No more worrying about securing your data and tapes offsite
  • No need to routinely replace tapes
  • Online backups take care of themselves and the data is available from anywhere in the world
  • No maintenance required and the often prohibitive costs of buying tapes and drives are avoided
Email archiving is another increasingly important tool in your DR toolbelt. Rouge employees can delete emails from their inbox which could incriminate them. However, with a separate archive which is untouched by employees, you have the safeguard of protecting yourself from such behaviour as well as maintaining an ever-present copy of all your corporate email correspondence.

Another way to protect your business is to have electronic copies of your documents. Going paperless is a great way to go but most businesses need to keep at least some paper files around. From a legal perspective, courts these days are much more willing to accept electronic versions of documents, contracts and agreements.

The Solution?
  1. Implement online backups to store all your corporate data (company data folders and exchange email store and points 2 and 3 below)
  2. Install an email archive if you share sensitive or confidential data via email, or if you have a large number of employees
  3. Configure a document management solution to scan and archive all your business files. Retrieving documents from your archive is much quicker and more efficient than trawling through filing cabinets.
If you would assistance with any of the above, or professional, impartial advice, please do let me know. I have worked with a number of these solutions over the years and have extensive experience in assisting companies to bring these in.