Ok so today is due day. Apple are due in a few hours to announce what they intend to do about the signal problem. Having had my iPhone4 for a couple of weeks I can confirm:
  • The signal and general quality of calls is still poor - just like with the old one
  • The "bottom-left-hand-corner" bug is definitely a bug. And it's definitely the hardware! I had a 5 full bars and then took off the bumper to hold in the way a lefty would do. Lo and behold the signal steadily dropped from 5 bars down to 2 bars. I didn't move from the same spot so there is no way Steve Jobs that this is a software problem!
Despite this, I genuinely hope they do not recall the iPhone today. I love my iPhone and having parted ways with Apple for 6 months when I had a blackberry, I am more than esctatic to be back with my eternal beloved. It's a fantastic device, does everything I need and the App Store cannot be beaten by anyone. Not Google, Not HTC and certainly not Blackberry!

So no matter what the issues might, and what Apple have to do to fix it - I will definitely be staying an iPhone user. It is the best mobile device ever to be created.

All we want though, Steve, is for you to own up to your mistakes and come clean. Quite frankly that letter you put out last week blaming it on algorithmic software problems was embarrassing. All you need to say is "There's a problem with the signal. We're going to fix it"

End of.