This is a question I am getting asked more and more frequently. With cloud services now well established, businesses are now planning which services to embrace and when to jump on board. One such service is online backup, but how secure is your data with an online backup provider?

Let's start by looking at a few basic truths. Data centres are purpose-built facilities designed to host company and consumer data safely and securely. An average server in a commercial office sits behind a mid-range firewall which does the basics of protecting your data online well, but not much more than that.

Playing devil's advocate, why not ask yourself this question: Is my data safer and more secure in a data-centre who's job it is to store and protect data all-day every day, or in my little server in my office behind my £200 firewall?

While it is true that data centres could potentially sell-on data or misuse it in some way, this is highly unlikely as they would be performing commercial suicide.

The time to trust the cloud is now, so jump on board!

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