Yes, we all like free - but with so much free stuff out there how does one separate what is actually worth your time investigating from what is the misguided, unnecessary drivel developed by wanna we web developers?

I've sifted through my fair share of nonsense in the last few weeks but have picked up two excellent resources worth checking out:

1) Dimdim Webinar software. If you don't want to pay for WebEx, GoToMeeting or the like and simply want to hold the odd webinar here or there for a few people, paying a monthly fee doesn't make sense. Enter DimDim which has a free account which allows you to host as many webinars as you like for up to 10 people. With DimDim say ByeBye to expensive software.

2) Animoto video creation software. When it comes to creating a video for your website Animoto have got it spot on. All you do is upload your pictures, video or photos and Animoto does the rest. You choose one of their themes (and a free selection of music if you want) and it will create an impressive professional looking video for you in about 5 minutes, that would take an experience professional a couple of hours to do manually. You can create as many free 30 second videos as you like. If you want something a bit longer you can either subscribe for $5 a month or ay $3 for each individual video. Have a look at the one I made to give you an idea of the experience you can expect.

Free is here to stay ... and free is good, very good!