Welcome back! I thought I'd share 5 quick ways for you to improve your email marketing campaigns to improve the reader experience as well as beat the Spam filters.

1) Have a link to "View page in HTML". Email never renders the same on every email client - sometimes font colours and background images can vary between Outlook, Gmail and Hotmail. Having a link to an HTML version of your email campaign gives a consistent experience.

2) Single click for email opt-out. One thing Spam filters don't like is making the opt-out journey too long and unnecessary - this gives a clear message that you're making it difficult for your readers to opt-out. Having a one click opt-out process improves your Spam score.

3) Include your company details on the bottom. All email campaigns should include the name of the registered company in the email footer (name, address, phone, email). Leaving this information off - especially for readers who don't know you - gives the impression that you've lifted their data from an untrustworthy score. And you Spam score will improve as well

4) Check your grammar and avoid exclamations. Spam filters regularly check for overuse of exclamation marks as this is a clear sign of unsolicited email (e.g. Buy Viagra here!!!). Ensure your creative is grammatically correct - remember you are trying to give the impression that the language you're using is your first language.

5) Test, Test and Test again. There is no substitute for thorough and detailed testing. Check that all your links work, your images display correctly and most importantly, test in a variety of email clients. It's so easy to setup multiple hotmail, gmail, yahoo and other email accounts for testing so don't fall into the lazy trap - as your competitors won't!